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Seeking advice on AIO and Case fans for first time build.

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Im building my first gaming PC after having gamed on laptops for 9 months. Im designing it atm and trying to get the cooling sorted but have some questions. I want high fps at 1440p and want to OC the componets ( first time too).

First heres my build:
- AMD 5600X
-Asus TUF gaming X570 PRO WIFI motherboard
- Sapphire Nitro + RX 6700 XT GPU with 3 fan cooling
- 3600mhz ram yet to decide
- PSU yet to decide
- Windows 10 home
- m.2 storage (boot drive) and samsung evo 860 for games

Currently im looking into AIO CPU cooling but need to know if my Asus MB has features for control over the AIO as ive read alot of people just have it running at 100% fan speed OR theres some auto control feature which doesnt really provide enough power to fans and pump for effective cooling under load.
I want to be able to control the pump and AIO fans relative to cpu temptures or coolant tempertures.

I saw this video here and this looks good but again im not sure if my MB supports this firmware wise and also physically ie enough sensor and headers. (

Also I need to know what features on the AIO would be needed aswell to get the control I want.

heres what headers are availble on the board:


Im also looking to add some ARGB and RGB to the setup mainly from the fans and AIO so will need to attach this aswell. The board uses 3 pin 4 socket (one "keyed" or blocked off) for ARGB ( one GEN 2 header)(3A 5V) and has two RGB headers via 4 pin connector ( 3A 12V).

Heres link to manual: https://www.asus.com/au/Motherboard...ng/TUF-GAMING-X570-PRO-WI-FI/HelpDesk_Manual/

Any advice is welcome!

Thank you,

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My advice is almost always "just go air". But if you stick with AIO, I wouldn't sweat too much about control. The pump will just run at its designed speed, and any UEFI worth its salt will have fan curve control. (Can't help you with RGB.)
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the pump headers are usually the ones nearest to the CPU, they will say CPU/pump, or something similar. in the bios, under fan control, you will be able to exactly which headers support DC/pump/pwm, or just Fan. not all headers are fan/pump headers fyi.

i have run AIO's for a long time, but i tend to suggest air cooling to new builders. there is no fault after 5 years with air, they just function & do it until TIM becomes ineffective( which rarely ever happens).
Im currently finishing a PC, i went with Intel, but the cooling aspect is in practice the same. I recently picked up a Noctua HSF, which is very capable, & i just ordered a beefier version, with more cooling capability, as long as you can fit them, they are the best choice IMO.

the only real plus to H2O is the pump leaves you with much more space around the CPU, as air HSF's obstruct a lot of lighting , etc. But with H2O you have radiators to mount, tubing to route, & all the accompanying wires. I have no issue with AIO's, its just that once mounted, there is nothing that can go wrong with HSF's, the same cant be said with AIO's, although failure rates are VERY low in AIO's.

corsair H110i is a good AIO, or whatever they make now, i have never owned any other brands, but ive installed many. as long as the OEM is Asetek, you should be as good as you'll get, atleast i believe they are the top OEM in AIO''

the top right header doesnt say "pump" , but it reads Fan/Opt so id bet it supports pump too, but as i mentioned, you can check in Bios

HERES the Manual for your MoBo

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Okay I will consider fan but a simple coolant loop seems pretty easy for me to do plus ive been thinking of liquid cooled rig for ages.

What I need to know is:
1) what features on the AIO do you need to be able to get it working with a MB and have the fans and pump run relative to cpu temps?
2) Does the Asus MB have support for what I want? (control rad fans and pump relative to cpu temp)
3) What connections do I need on the case fans and AIO? I see 4 pin connectors
4) How to connect to my MB correctly? (i have attached above the correct layout/headers for case fans and AIO/CPU fan cooler.

What I know as of now:
1) Right now im thinking you dont need any sensors on the AIO just rpm and PWM. As the MB will take cpu temp reading from cpu and can control rad fans from pwm and rpm.
2) Not sure if I can control things as havent seen a BIOS video showing all features.
3) Not sure but think its just standard 4 pins ( GRN, PWR, RPM and PWM in not particular order)
4) no idea but probs will need a hub or spiltter cables as need rbg or ARGB aswell.



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Plenty of cheap win-10 pro keys around even tpu advertises cheap 10 keys can't find the thread atm though :/


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I don't really know anything about computer parts or building a computer but I do know that AIO is awesome so far my DELL prebuilt AIO has been awesome.