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SFF Deliberation: Silverstone SG03 vs Thermaltake Lanbox Lite


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Dec 26, 2007
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So I'm totally torn by which case to go for. My heard was initially set on the lanbox, but once I realised the ingenious layout of the SG03, it turned out that my... well, infatuation... with the lanbox design slowly subsided.

I know that they are both good cases (I love the looks of the windowed lanbox but also the layout of the sugo) and I've looked at the various video reviews of both to help get a better feel for how the case looks on the inside. I've read both reviews on newegg and many others for both cases, but basically what I'm worried about is cooling within both systems. Should I go for the Sugo, dual 120mm fans + plenty of ventilation (but the psu being above the cpu?) or the Lanbox, dual 60mm fans + 90mm in front? I'm thinking of building this system:

Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R
EVGA 8800 GT (maybe even waiting and saving for the 9800 series though, comments?)
2 GB Ram
Thermaltake Lanbox Lite / Silverstone SG03
600W "Zalman" ZM600-HP Power Supply (any suggestions on this PSU? I just like it cause it's modular... and has a blue led hehe)
500 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM SATA II HD

But yeah, just so confused as to which to go for now. If anyone scould shed some light or guidance as to the pro's and con's to both of them despite the obvious, or even some other options (shuttle?), it would be much appreciated

Also, which cpu cooler have people used in these cases? I know that the recommended is the nt06 for the sugo, but I'm not sure how it goes performance wise. Enlighten me someone :D

I want to weigh up their pro's and con's next to each other so that I get a good comparison. I really like the look of both cases so I don't know which one to go for. I need someone with experience with either or both cases to say "Go for the [case] because in comparison to [the other case] it is better in [this respect]..."

Btw, not new to the forums... had an old account years ago, forgot username, pw, whichever email it was hehe.

Thanks guys!
Nov 24, 2006
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Silverstone, their cases are awesome.