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Sharkoon Prepares to Launch Their S1000 and S1000 Window Micro-ATX Cases

Sep 22, 2017
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With the compact S1000 and S1000 Window, Sharkoon introduces two new micro-ATX cases with an integrated tunnel for power supplies and hard drives. As a result, the power supply and hard drives are installed discreetly to the case bottom and out of sight. The S1000 Window version also offers an acrylic side window and a pre-installed 120mm blue LED fan on the rear panel.

Fresh air is supplied through the side air intakes of the front panel, behind which a detachable dust filter is also provided. Another removable dust filter is located on the bottom of the case. Both case versions include a pre-installed 120 mm fan in the front. Suitable mounting holes are also provided for additional fans. Alternatively, despite the compact design, a 240 mm radiator can be installed with a total height of 5.9 cm including fan. To facilitate the installation of 280 mm radiators, the 5.25" drive bay is modular and, if necessary, easily removed. Located on the top of the front panel are the audio connectors for the microphone and headphone as well as two USB 3.0 ports. These are incorporated directly into the body of the case, thus allowing the front panel to be cableless removed. On the top panel of the S1000 Window is an additional, pre-installed dust filter, which is secured by magnetic fasteners, plus it is also possible to install up to three 120 fans or two 140 mm fans. With the S1000, the top panel is closed and a 120 mm fan is pre-installed on the rear panel, but without LED illumination. Another optional 120 mm fan can be installed to the side panel.

The S1000 has room for a CPU cooler with a maximum height of 15.5 cm; within the S1000 Window, the installed CPU cooler can have a maximum height of 15 cm. In both case versions, graphics cards can have a maximum length of 40 cm. The opaque tunnel offers enough space for decoupled mounting of a power supply with a maximum length of 24 cm. Inside the HDD cage, up to two 3.5" hard drives or two 2.5" SSDs can be decoupled mounted. The cage can also be slightly moved along the tunnel floor thanks to the oval whole cutouts and convenient thumbscrews, allowing more space for cabling. Air vents on the tunnel ceiling ensure optimal cooling of drives. Up to two 2.5" HDD/SSDs can mount to the back of the mainboard tray with help of two mounting brackets and attached thumbscrews. The cable management system with practical pass-throughs guarantees easy and discreet cabling.

The Sharkoon S1000 is now available for the suggested retail price of 39.90 euros from authorized retailers. The Sharkoon S1000 Window is also now available for 44.90 euros.

For additional information:

Sharkoon S1000: http://sharkoon.com/product/1679/13937#desc

Sharkoon S1000 Window: http://sharkoon.com/product/1679/13944#desc

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Apr 19, 2011
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So. Cal.
Going to keep this on the front burner as my next case if they make to the states soon. Had been a very short list for the Cooler Master Silencio 352, but there might be things to like about this! But really need to see hop they did the filters.

Wow, wasn't until the instruction sheet that they finally shown yes rear fan has provision for a 120mm AIO water cooling out the rear. And whey in all that is now 2018 are manufactures still putting old Intel style fan mount on the side panel? Does anyone use those any more.. If the was gone and they added some sound damping foam that would be a perfect little silent box for a Raven Ridge APU.


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