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Shattered Horizon whos played it?

Mar 21, 2009
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Memory TeamGroup Vulcan 16GB DDR4 2400MHZ CAS-13
Video Card(s) AMD Sapphire RX Vega 64 8GB
Storage SSD - OCZ ARC 100 256GB HDD + Sandisk Ultra 3D 500GB - Western Digital Green 1TB
Display(s) MSI Optix MAG27CQ 1440p 144Hz Monitor
Case Fractal Design Define R4 Titanium - Grey Window Version
Audio Device(s) onboard/Speakers: Logitech Z-4
Power Supply Seasonic Focus Gold+ 850W Modular
Mouse CMStorm Laser Mouse
Keyboard Corsair Strafe Cherry MX Red Keyboard
Software Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
Hey guys this game came out last week and the graphics and gameplay looks pretty sweet and requirement is kinda quite demanding since it requires ONLY DX10 gfx card.
Game is pretty cheap on steam aswell cost the same as killing floor


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May 14, 2004
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i played the beta and was extremely unimpressed


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Feb 21, 2005
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Storage 256GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
Display(s) 27" Samsung C27F591FDU
Case Fractal Design Arc Mini
Power Supply Corsair HX750W
Software 64bit Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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I must say, I was disappointed. It feels like a mod, not a fully fledge game. Saying that however, I do believe this is Futuremark's toe in the water.


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Jun 23, 2007
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Keyboard Logitech K120 \ ROCCAT MK Pro ( modded amber leds )
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I was one of the beta testers and and it was the most boring beta test I've been in. Although people killing each other over and over for no real reason is pretty dam boring anyways.


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Jun 3, 2007
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I've been tempted to pick it up. Erocker likes the game. Of course he also likes perforating lawn gnomes but thats a whole different story.

Feb 10, 2008
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I managed to play the beta for about 10 minutes before I got bored and uninstalled it. The game is inexpensive for a reason.


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Jun 8, 2008
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New York
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well good thing I didn't buy it a couple weeks ago when it was cheap on Steam. That would have been a bad purchase from what you guys are saying


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Apr 10, 2006
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I bought it...won't ever play it, merely bought it to support FM.
Jan 31, 2005
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The Pico Mundo Grill
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I also was beta-tester on this ... the most lame game I ever played
(Graphics okay - well had to be/Futuremark) but the gameplay was horrible...IMO


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Dec 6, 2007
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Software Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
I bought it and I think it's more of a good system demo than a game, as the frame rate is quite low a lot of the time. It's got some interesting innovations in it, but it needs more development to make a compelling game.

I started a thread on it and wrote a mini review, here.
Sep 5, 2009
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Power Supply Ultra X4 1050W
Software Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)
The whole concept is a nice try I guess…

FPS games are or should be fast paced, not snails paced bore fests.

I had absurdly long load times all through beta and then the game just wasn’t worth getting into so the few matches I did get into were so boring I didn’t even get more than 2 kills in 10 times trying to play/load.
Jul 19, 2006
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I do like the game but don't play it much. I get on maybe once a week, kill a bunch of people and quit. There is simply not enugh content in the game. What the hell is a game in space without space ships?! 360 movement and zero G is good though, it's fun and a little different playing a FPS in space. It should have a $9.99 price tag though.