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Should I Overclock to my VID?


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Jan 30, 2014
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I have a 2500k and notice in Coretemp my VID is 1.3911v (which I understand is the max voltage Intel will guarantee my card can run stock speeds at). So my question is: should that be the assumed maximum threshold for my vcore with this chip (and safe to run 24/7)? Is this chip's VID the same for all?

I have 4.3 @ 1.30v and 4.5 @ 1.34v running smooth, though the addition of the .04v to get a 5% increase seems hardly worth the potential degradation of the chip. That being said, if 1.3911v is the threshold then I have nothing to worry about at 1.34v...
Aug 18, 2007
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System Name mine
Processor 2600k@5.2ghz 1.41 vcore
Motherboard asrock z77 OC Formula
Cooling pa120.3, apogee HD, mcp655 pump
Memory 16gigs ddr3 1600mhz sammy's @ 1886
Video Card(s) evga gtx470 under water on a seperate loop
Storage Crucial M4 128gig SSD
Display(s) HP 2511x 25inch led
Case none ATM
Audio Device(s) onboard
Power Supply PC Power & Cooling 750watt seasonic x-1250watt(dead)
Software win 8 pro 64bit
the VID will change depending on what multi you have selected, try and stay under or at 1.52v for 24/7 use. and keep an eye on temps. my sandy 2600k needs 1.44 for 5.2ghz windows stable, which is my daily. and 1.51 volts for 5.4ghz windows stable, but at those temps my 120.3 rad starts having a hard time keeping up with temps.

intel's warranty is intact until you breach 1.52 vcore. so no worries if you bump it up into the 1.4ish range. but like I said, stay on top of your temps.