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Silverstone KL03B-W Kublai Mid Tower Case


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Jun 5, 2008
106 (0.03/day)
Processor INTEL CORE2 DUO E8500 @4.1GHz
Cooling Tuniq Tower 120
Memory TRANSCEND PC9600 DDR 1200
Video Card(s) EVGA 9800 GTX
Display(s) SAMSUNG Syncmaster 2032bw
Software MS XP PRO SP2
Silverstone KL03B-W Kublai Mid Tower Case

Silverstone's third Kublai mid tower chassis is made for aficionados
and serious computer users that require a high level component with no
trade-offs for cooling and quietness. Following the designing concept of
previous chassis from Kublai series, the KL03 also possess many features
borrowed from the Temjin series. Constructed using steel and aluminum, this
chassis strikes a great balance between external aesthetics and excellent
structural rigidity.

Now just to illustrate how much room is inside this case, here is
what it looks like with all my goodies installed. First of all, the power supply
is an 8 inch long unit with extremely long cables and not to mention excess
cabling that includes 6 PCI express power connectors. Obviously my setup
doesn't need that many cables but as you can see here, I've managed to
somewhat hide all that extra cabling but it wasn't easy. When you have
such a large case, you would think it would be conducive to storing excess
power supply cabling but I found out that all that extra room just makes it
harder to store it out of sight. My video card is 10.5 inches long. As you
can see here, I still have a couple (almost three) inches to spare before it
hits the hard drives. Aftermarket CPU coolers shouldn't be a problem either
given the amount of room between the motherboard and power supply. The
spec sheets indicate this case supports extended ATX motherboards and it's
obvious here that it does. The motherboard tray is not removeable but with
a case this big, it's simply not neccesary. I could get my big paws around
inside of it without any problems whatsoever.

Now here is a feature that really impresses me. I like how you can
easily release the locking hinge and reposition it so that it swings open to
the left or right. The door itself is very solid and feels as if it can take some
serious abuse. The hinge however, is made of cheap plastic. That was a
dissapoint for me. I nearly broke mine when trying to remove it the first
time. Why have such a high quality door yet have it held on by a cheap
plastic hinge that is easily broken?

Moving to the bottom of the case you'll find the feet on here are a
standard swivel type that have been commonly found on various other case
designs in recent years. They rotate 90 degrees to be pointed forward or
outward for the front feet and backward or outward for the rear feet. Not
my favorite type but they work. They can be easily removed too if you don't
want them.

Of course you could go without a door altogether if you wanted
to. The case is quite beautiful even without the door installed. Thanks in
part to the thoughtfully designed concealing side hinge flaps. These flaps
hide the toolless design features of the external bays and really adds a touch
of class to this case. I've never thought a case looked good with it's door
open or even off but this one looks very sleek with or without the


+ Big enough for a redundant power supply & large video card
+ Beautiful high quality black alunimum brushed finish
+ Removeable front intake fan
+ Hot swappable hard drive compatible
+ Toolless optical drive installation
+ Good airflow for keeping everything cool
+ Removeable and swappable front door
+ Ultra quiet
+ Large video card support brackets


- No thumbscrews
- Plastic door hinges
- Front audio cable too short
- No e-Sata port
Source: Benchmarkreviews