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Silverstone Raven RV01 PC Chassis Final Design Spotted


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Nov 7, 2004
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First introduced back in June during Computex Taipei, Silverstone Raven RV01 delivers a new approach to the way computer hardware is supposed to fit inside a case. Silverstone has basically reinvented the case as we know it – inside the Raven RV01 the motherboard is angled 90 degrees pointing upwards instead of out the back. This means that the whole I/O side of your PC will go on the top of the case, as well as all the heat generated by the video cards will leave from the top of the case, not the back. VR-Zone has scored several photos of the final design of the case, to give you an idea. The unique design of Raven RV01 has already been patented by Silverstone, and cases that look the same as the one pictured are supposed to become available sometime around Christmas. The price of the case is set at MSRP of US$199. Unfortunately, there are no technical specs yet.

Source: VR-Zone
Jul 28, 2007
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Looks like something that is designed to deflect radar signlas. Like a stealth case :cool:
And is it just me, or does it look excessively big?


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Feb 22, 2008
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I like it it, but I think I like the TJ07 more.


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Sep 16, 2006
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It's a nice idea, but there is a readon why back of the case is back not the top. Either you have wires stickin' out on top of the case, you stealth them like Silverstone has done it or use the simple old fashioned way.

PSU pushing hot air there, case fan and possibly GPU, will be one hot case top and tunnel. Good thing is that think probably doesn't need any intake fans.

edit: those with heavy GPUs/GPU coolers might like this, no more bending the GPU as most force is on the back..er..top of the case.


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Jul 14, 2008
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How it is possible to patent the angle which the motherboard is orientated?

Or it is the design which is patented? :confused:
Dec 15, 2006
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Just like a car.... Too much plastic. :shadedshu

And who wants all the cables shooting out of the top of their case? I see the cover slides back over them all, once installed, but if you need one of them dongle adapters for dvi to dsub or whatever... you're screwed.....

There's a good reason cases are made the way they are... it's called evolution, only the best designs survive.... I don't see this one making it....

No, sir, I don't like it.
Nov 14, 2007
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I'll have to wait and see if they release a cheapo version of this case. I like the concept because it's really different. Might make for a sweet mod. However, I'm not willing to part with 200$ just for an interesting design...

Most expensive case I've bought so far was my Mystique. Rolled in around 80$, and that's the most I'd wanna pay.
Sep 25, 2007
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if I took a picture of the area around the window I could probably trick people its an oven:laugh:


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Feb 12, 2006
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Will be intresting to see what review score´s it gets, and how the temps on gpu´s and cpu´s differ from "normal" cases?? After I have read my first trustworthy review, maybe then I can judge Silverstone for going with this design, not before. Intresting, indeed... :)

x2mA mPn

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May 19, 2007
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oh man, Do want
Apr 7, 2008
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I enjoy innovated case designs, but this is a little too "modern" for me. I like the common box design, thanks. :) My TJ-09 is fine.
Sep 6, 2007
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This is nothing like standard Silverstones designs, which is why i loved them in the first place. Nice, sleek, and simple. This looks like something either Thermaltake, Coolermaster, or NZXT would make.
Jul 20, 2008
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dude, this thing is ugly. The only logic I see in it is "hot air rises, so make airflow bottom to top". That would be ok, but then motherboards would need to change so the i/o would still be on the back, but still have the expansion cards in line with airflow and whatnot.

And there is definitely waaay too much extra space on the bottom unless you play to go liquid.
I do like the orientation of the HDD's though.


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Jun 4, 2008
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Damn that looks sexy. I hope they release that with an all black interior, that would look better.. at least to me. I wonder how good the stock cooling is.
Apr 10, 2008
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wish the left side panel was the same as the right, much cleaner without the window and the intake without all those dividers

nice case, but could use some modding, and knowing silverstone, there should be a cheaper non-windowed version


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Jul 9, 2006
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ID snatch one up. As many times as I fiddle around with my pc, its a bother to get under the desk, or to pull out the case, undo the wires halfway out and blazay blazay. I like the price and the compartmentalization.