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simple opinion review: Two Worlds

Jul 17, 2007
Processor x2 4400+
Memory 3gig
Video Card(s) 8800 gts 512mb
Power Supply 500w zumax
the good
- can feel the impact of the attacks unlike Guild Wars, World of Warcraft and Gothic 3

- realistic sword swinging animation unlike Gothic 3's funny, clumsy and robotic sword swinging with straight arms not bending.

- beautiful graphic at maximum settings on athlon64 3200+ winchester, 1.5gig ram, x850xt on 1280x1024 resolution that look similar to a ps3 graphic and still have playable performance unlike Gothic 3 with minimum settings and still a slideshow.

- class-freedom system can learn from spells to melee to archery
- fun fireball nuking
- nice female vocal
- nice atmosphere and nature enviorment sound
- nice roaring sound of monsters, animals and humans
- character apearence customizable
- massively multiplayer online mode avalible.. guess its a light-mmo
- options to work with evil or good, choose your own path
- orcs and goblins kills animals, human kills orcs a realistic faction
- nice artwork and designs (cool looking hooded outfit at default startup)
- can skip when in talking with npc screen using escape key, some people dont know
- Gothic 3 killer

the bad
- survival issue even at startup will have trouble, even at easy mode mobs hit hard and multiple mobs come at you at once. rely too much on hp regenerator stone that will slow your progress.

- horse back control difficulty on the pc version due to "only" can control using keyboard w,a,s,d no gamepad, mouse dont allow to control horse from left to right. 360 version would have no problem. hope pc version will eventually have gamepad compatible

- jump animation look awkward and feel awkward
- no gamepad compatible for pc version but some say 360 gamepad works
- the cover for the retail box looks like a cheap pawn soldier
- have yet to see the female playable character.

click for screenshot
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