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Slingbox - connect xbox 360, play from Computer

Sep 5, 2007
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Power Supply CORSAIR RM750
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Hey TPU,

So my roommate got a 360 lately. I was wondering if this situation was possible:

So lets say its 330am, and I want to play a rousing game of Forza 2. Well, the 360 is in his room. I know you can connect feeds through the Slingbox. So I just power control it through my room with the wireless controller, and watch it on my computer.

I searched around, and can;t seem to find a good answer, and wondering if anyone else has done something similar.

(I think it would be funny to watch him to play if I get a Windows Mobile Phone, or would this not be possible?)

Thanks agian TPU,
Apr 28, 2007
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Bellevue, WA
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There would be input lag, or rather you input and then the video and audio lags.


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May 20, 2010
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dude, just look up some simple av transmitters. That should do the trick within your home. how likely is it you will watch someone play xbox from the road?
This would be a much cheaper solution if you are looking at transferring video about the house.

I sill still be buying a single slingox unit though to control my cable box frm the road...that is awesome..

Is it possible to play your xbox from miles away?? HOw would you set that up?