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Small NZXT Gamma Mod/Addition Fan Question

Sep 6, 2013
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Hey guys, my first post. I've done a simple modification (had to bend some metal & put THIS in) to my Gamma case top bays in order to put a 120mm fan in there. I have a Asetek 550L Liquid cooler, so I did that modification in order to have more streamlined airflow onto the radiator. It's working pretty well. But I'm obsessed at the moment with adding one more fan. I've read a few reports about stacked fans but I haven't found exactly much on if a gap will be alright.

Here's my Case (sorry, I love orange, I know it clashes..ignore the dust):


Aside from ambient air in the room, I'm assuming that faster air is cooler air, so I want to add a fan in that orange highlight so it really force/accelerate the air through, like some pseudo-turbine. Stacked fans interfere which each other to the point you're actually having a negative effect (from what most people say) but do you think the spacing is enough to actually benefit the airflow? Should they be the exact same model fans? or should I use a different one for the 2nd fan? I'm currently using Cougar CF-V12HP's for both red labeled fans.

COUGAR CF-V12HP Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Flui...

The reason I ask about having 2 different fans is because of this Cougar illustration that shows their fan vs a normal fan. I'm thinking the "normal" fan would bring in air from the outside and just send it to the second fan where it would be more focused & accelerated thus even cooler. I don't think it would work right with a focused airflow coming from the first fan (red), seems like it would just hit the middle of the second fan (orange), so this might work since there's pretty much a tunnel going on? What do you think?

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Get a fan shroud, they have been known to improve temps slightly. A shroud between fan(red) and fan(orange) will improve airflow direction.
Jan 21, 2013
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I done similar to my zalman, but had 2 fans in the top bay.

it worked great on such a small case, you can even get mounts that are 5.25 size for 120mm fans



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