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Snappy Drivers

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Jun 14, 2021
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Snappy Drivers is not working like it did the first few times I used it. :(Well, I am talking about XP Intragal 1.21.11 see photo on here. This version is the latest version of XP Intralgal 2021 September. I tried the earlier version of it in 2021 May. As you can see none of the drivers were found in the driver packs. But I am downloading the driver pack on the *Click here to select updates*What I want to know is why do I have to download them here, When this is the full 26Gb version I have here?. This is not the light version. I don,t know why the sound driver could not be found.o_O The other thing is it fails to install my PCIe USB3 Hub? Unfortunately, it came without a disc, I know most people don,t use them now. I downloaded the right drivers for XP. For some reason, the attached Photo failed to load. :(
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Oct 19, 2007
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Dont use programs like this. Just go to the manufacturer's website for your motherboard and what ever other hardware you need to have drivers (eg nvidia for video drivers, or amd for theirs, creative for sound drivers etc) and download the drivers.
Nov 8, 2020
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This is now, what, the forth thread you make about snappy drivers and all it's related problems?
Sometimes I think that guy in Far Cry 3 was on to something.

Just get the drivers from the manufacturers website unless they are very obscure, in which case you have to tell us what hardware it is and what drivers you are after.
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