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Some New Toys

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tau, Dec 27, 2008.

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    Well I have decided to add to my growing server collection, as well as replace some mission critical machines with actual server grade hardware....

    Anyways, have had these for about a week now, they are just finishing up a bit more stress testing before i call them good (going for 5 days @ 100% cpu load, and HDD load) then ill call em good.

    The 3 top machines are Dual 3Ghz Xeons, 1GB ram (will be dropping 2-4GB in them when im not feeling lazy), 2x 18GB 15K RPM SCSI drives in raid 0 for benching/testing, dual PSU's, dual gigabit lan, etc. etc.

    Bottom machine is a single 3.2Ghz Xeon, 5GB ram, 2x18GB 15K rpm HDDs, 2x 150GB 10K RPm HDDs, dual lan, dual PSU, etc. etc.

    I was thinking about dropping the bottom machines guts into a bigger 4U case something with 20 or so hot swap slots and turning it into a giant fileserver with a couple PCI-X raid cards (I kind of want 3x6 1TB HDDs in Raid5, for 3 arrays of 5TB each....)

    Iv been looking around to see if there is anyway to slow the fans down a bit, but its not really possiable via software so i might end up 7v modding all of them :laugh:.

    Right now i have Server 2003 RC2 on the 3 1U machines, and 2008 on the 2U, still not sure what they will end up as when they are deployed.

    Any ideas what else i can do with em? Im bored and open to suggestions.

    Anyways onto the pics.

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