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Sonic Generations FPS Issues

Discussion in 'Games' started by mod2max, Nov 5, 2011.

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    It was ready for me this morning, as steam had been busy all night to download it.

    Acts 1 and 2 of Green Hill zone run amazingly!
    *If you use CCC to set the AA it still runs great, even on my rig! However, if you set the AA in-game then it drops the FPS (this is to be expected really).

    Now, Act 1 of Chemical Plant (haven't played Act 2 yet) runs amazingly to begin with, but then I get an FPS drop on some sections of the stage (normally when Sonic is a full speed).

    This left me VERY disappointed and was immediatly on ebay looking for a new graphics card...


    I decided to do some research into this and found that ALOT of people from the Steam and other forums (with much higher specs then my PC!) are getting the same sort of issues.

    They're claiming that after 5 minutes of game play the game will start to lag, and if they reset it, it runs like a dream again. But the main problems seem to be with Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary zones. Some users are claiming that they are getting this FPS issue not matter what the graphics settings are set to. There was also mention that this could be down to memory leak or something apparently...

    After reading this I decided to: update my graphics driver suite from 10.4a to 11.10, run a reg cleaner, run a reg defrager and defrag the HDD.

    I have yet to run the game again on Act 1 of Act 1 of Chemical Plant as I'm defraging the HDD as I write this.

    If that doesn't work I will update everything single driver possible and clean Windows to within an inchof its life.

    Is anyone else having these issues? If so we need to moan like hell for a patch asap ;)

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