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Sony Online require monthly fee?

Jul 17, 2007
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If I dont hear it wrong xbox live! require monthly fee subscription.

does sony online for the console both ps2 and ps3 require monthly fee as well? If so.. how much?

I am anxious to play something competitive with others online. wasnt satisfy with Guild wars much and starting to dislike mmorpgs like wow, lineage2, silkroad ect.. or even first person shooter. I just want something competitive and contest with others. I will abandon the PC gaming for a while and was thinking to buy the Online Adaptor for my ps2 and play Mortal Kombat: Armageddon online while waiting to get ps3 for tekken 6 and Soul calibur 4 to play Online.
Nov 18, 2006
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I know they don't charge anything for PS2.
But I don't think they charge for the PS3 either.
Nov 28, 2006
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ps3 and ps2 doesnt require monthly payments only if your playing an MMO like FF11


yeah, when sony tried to charge for map packs in socom 3 they got their wallets stolen through their asses, so they're no trying again soon