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Space images thread

Mar 10, 2010
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They said that it was seen in 1054 and lasted for two years. What we see now is all the radiation that left after the explosion.

So I think actual explosion happened 6500 (distance) + 1054 (when it was observed) = 7554 years ago :confused: I might be wrong

Lol here it says that Crab Nebula is 6000 ly away, gosh :rolleyes:
I would have thought it happened 6500 years before 1054ad and in reality we could now be getting fragments of it hitting us by now too.


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Mar 19, 2018
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There is so much beauty in the pictures you post, at least I find one. This is what fascinates me. How can it be so beautiful yet complex?! Man, I wish I could see it with my own eyes :respect: