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SPARKLE Computer: The polish reveals the chip question again and again, the poor beha


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Nov 8, 2007
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SPARKLE Computer: The polish reveals the chip question again and again, the poor behaviour eliminate the brand

The quality is enterprise's life, but this is not all enterprise's creed, we often saw some brands as a result of lack the responsibility to fall over. Because SPARKLE Computer this kind of brand each kind of polish created a false impression with the quality service question already from market vanishing, not long after also will have the rumor to resurface, did not face up to the question not to solve the question brand survival foundation, nobody was exceptional.
Mentions “the SPARKLE Computer” this brand, Tianjin's Internet bar owner qie gentleman has cavity suffering, has mind filled with resenting.He in December, 2004 purchases one batch of SPARKLE Computer reveals the card, in August, 2005 concentrates has the problem, hereafter the question is more and more serious, qie gentleman afterwards discovered, commends the space to reveal the card the chip is unexpectedly the polish!
On November 12, 2005, the Chinese 3C expense report once had "Internet bar boss: The SPARKLE Computer reveals card each week all badly, until now already bad 20 pieces! " An article reported.Although the article after issued the SPARKLE Computer aspect once expressed regarding this will approve reveals the card to give “to solve properly”, but, at this point, the question towed for a year, the question has not solved as before.
Qie gentleman has sent in his bitter experience to us, regarding the polish question, commends a space aspect not properly solution, including the sincerity which solves does not have! Suffers the unfair treatment then to continue qie gentleman a person, looked by the 3CREPORT report, has other consumers also to have with qie gentleman the similar bitter experience.SPARKLE Computer earlier period each kind of serious question does not solve, this brand then does not have the opportunity to stand in the market.
In at the beginning of December, 2004 I purchase SPARKLE Computer 5700 super platinum version 64M to reveal card 90. In August, 2005 starts to concentrate appears the bad card phenomenon, approximately each week 1-2.The bad card phenomenon is, majority of will be reveals card bios not to be able from now on normal motherboard self-checking, other will be the figured screen or the black screen, I will carry on the nature through the dealer to guarantee.But repairs the card which comes back to have more than enough 1 week to be able nearly to have the similar problem.
Afterwards we tak off the fan to see but the chip was not 5700 standard versions is comparatively low-grade 5700LE (e.g. chart shows), commended the space to give unexpectedly polishes sells to the standard version! Not only constitution cheat, more tremendous influence service life and stability! I in the 3CREPORT suit, 3CREPORT also have immediately carried on the report
(websit adresse: http://www.3creport.com/article/2005/1112/5960.html)
I have contact the manager of ShengYu Mr. Tang, the deal is tracing the problems, and free warranty for three years.
Guarantees in the process in 2006 nature, the contact person replaces frequently, and to get the guarantee is extremely hard, they return the card back untouched! The factory explained cannot give us the guarantee. telephoneservice for them incumbent person in charge Mr. Hou, has solved several pieces, also gives has traded several piece of 6200A.But repairs several cards to take unexpectedly for more than 1 months the time! I’m running the Internet bar, this affects the normal use seriously, simultaneously has unceasingly with the raid reveals the card unceasingly to have the similar problem one after another, has the significant influence to business! The SPARKLE Computer nature guarantees the way makes me impossible to do business normally ,every day has a substantial number of machine because reveals the card question not to be able to do business, brings the heavy economic loss to me!
2006 year's end they also have the new excuse, any reason unexpectedly has not refused to continue to reveal the card nature to this raid to guarantee, violates formerly Mr. Tang “the free nature guaranteed for three years “the pledge.
Though it cost 1 month to get the warranty, but still response, and now fully violation of pledge! Refused to warranty! I have more then 10 chip in home, don’t know how to do with those chips, I’m losing money everyday.
As the consumer, the purchase product also must have the Warranty service, should all recall according to international convention this kind of question. Now I merely request the factory to carry on the nature to the question product to guarantee, because but the non-claim the question reveals the economic loss which the card creates, all encounters the factory unexpectedly the rejection.
The SPARKLE Computer took once also had a brand, revealed the card flaw question regarding this kind, or said directly the polish the question unexpectedly so processed, violated the formerly pledge blatantly, serious did not defend the good faith, while created the serious economic loss to me, also could affect the consumer to choose this brand product the confidence.
Suggested everybody do not purchase SPARKLE Computer brand any product, do not let them to steal everybody’s money! We are the consumers. We have the right to know, we want the full understanding the SPARKLE Computer stealing our money under the cover of cheats, we cannot let them to cheat us again.
Tianjin Mr xi
The Internet bar is the managerial place, we may realize profoundly the SPARKLE Computer polish reveals the card poverty-stricken which brings to the Internet bar, also can feel refuses the nature after the SPARKLE Computer aspect to guarantee the Internet bar owner's mood.

According to qie gentleman indicated that, commends the space aspect mainland contact person newest view is “the Taiwan aspect no matter already, they said you must relate the media to relate, has been casual!”In other words, commends the space if is such manner, already was clear about the giving up brand.

Imagines with difficulty, how in the preliminary market does these SPARKLE Computer reveal the card later period the maintenance to be supposed to be good? After a brand falls over, who can for following serve buys the list?
According to the understanding, the Taiwan SPARKLE Computer also exists at present, so long as exists one day, should serve for own product fulfills responsibility! Are responsible for the consumer and the market! The product purchase is not merely product itself, but also includes in the use the service. Also no matter the SPARKLE Computer earlier period polish creates a false impression the misdeeds, so shirk the responsibility in the service, also despises for the entire profession!
We remind fellow readers in this, if has the bitter experience SPARKLE Computer to reveal the card question, also may contact with us as soon as possible, everybody unites,to get the justice! The SPARKLE Computer must give everybody a justice!

Reliable sources SPARKLE another name is EVGA.




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too lazy to read all of that, anyone want to summarize this in a nutshell?
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too lazy to read all of that, anyone want to summarize this in a nutshell?
That's a chinese google translation I'm thinkin, and I did try. Couldn't finish, head hurts.