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SPEEDLINK Announces the AUX Stereo Headset

Dec 6, 2011
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SPEEDLINK, specialist in high-quality and stylish sound solutions, presents its very first circumaural stereo headset that's also perfect for mobile use with smartphones: the AUX.

Notebooks, tablets and smartphones make music and digital communications portable. This new freedom and the increasing variety of sound sources call for a totally new generation of headset. The AUX Stereo Headset from SPEEDLINK is the perfect synthesis of a set of stylish headphones and a convenient microphone headset - and connects to practically any device thanks to its ingenious cable system. It connects to smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy series - and an ever increasing number of notebooks - via its conveniently short cable featuring a 4-contact 3.5 mm jack plug, while a really long adapter cable is included featuring standard headphone and microphone jack plugs for desktop PCs. This means the headset is always there when needed, yet it can be connected in seconds when at home.

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Feb 18, 2011
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"outstanding sound quality and crystal-clear voice chat"
I am looking forward to the day when i will meet a medium quality product from Speedlink, not to mention the "outstanding" ones:shadedshu