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Spire Announces the Swirl Universal CPU Cooler

Nov 1, 2008
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I only ever crank the fan up when I'm testing overclocks, otherwise it's on the lowest setting. Doesn't get too hot even when gaming.. then again I only have a 95W Phenom II. While it's an inconvenience, I don't have a problem with the cooler, but I would have preferred something that went out to a 3.5" bay.
Yea, i usually only run at low speed nowadays, and crank it up to full when i want to run at 4.4ghz. I't such a pain to reach round the back to put up the speed tho, i rarely run at my maximum overclock. I'm saving up for a decent looking fan controller, but they are expensive and hard to find here. I'll eventually make the move to WC and a fan controller would be necessary then anyway.
My max temps are only around 50-55C at load when running at 4ghz and the lowest fan speed, but i'd love to be able to run at a full overclock and not have to worry about dust.


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Apr 1, 2011
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Looks pretty heavy, I wonder how will the hot air flow. And definitely wanna see it in action :)
Oct 7, 2006
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Looks interesting.
Feb 6, 2007
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I like it for the following reasons:

1./ Asymmetric design means if can be turned if there are caps or ram sticks too close. The net is a bigger cooler that the "narrowest cross-section" but a smaller cooler than the "widest cross-section".
2./ Asymmetric design might help with avoiding resonance noise
3./ Column/cylinder fan has (in theory) greater volume moved per RPM, meaning lower RPM, meaning quieter
4./ The slits will create air turbulence and improve cooling
5./ Looks nice

What I don't like

1./ Many cylinder fans are poorly designed and actually make more noise and DONT push that much air. The reason is that air needs to come in the top of the cylinder, and the top of the cylinder is actually quite narrow, and also the cylinder should actually be somewhat SCREW SHAPED to draw air in from the top into the cylinder
2./ The shiny metal fins look nice, but there isn't that much surface area on each blade. To increase area and heat exchange it would be better if the fins were a rough not shiny (at least the inside fins... keep the external fins shiny for good looks), indeed, if the higher fins were actually BIGGER than the lower fins that required component clearance


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Jan 3, 2008
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MSRP: USD $52.99 / EURO £36.99

Will be looking for some reviews on this cooler against some others that have been anounced :toast:
Nov 8, 2008
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Who still uses CPU coolers controlled by a potentiometer on an expansion bracket? I'd like to be reminded if anybody still has that.

EDIT: 1000th post!
I have a 1900 rpm slipstream on the mobos fan header (with bios rpm control) and an expansion bracket potentiometer from Spire, works fine. Maybe I could change it to go via Zalman 6ch controller, but... nah.