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Steam Multiple HDD Install Solution - SSD Full? Look here!

Discussion in 'Games' started by Phatboy69, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Nov 1, 2011
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    Hi All,

    After having steam for a few years now and going through copying games too and from the limited 120GB SSD capacity from backup copies on a HDD, I got sick of it and found a new solution that works flawlessly to have steam games on the SSD and also on another HDD! (in my case an external USB3 RAID array)

    This program called linkmagic uses NTFS junction points to create something like symbolic links, from a directory in your steam/steamapps/common/"game folder name" to another folder on another drive of your choice! The game folder names must match exactly.. and you have to delete the content from the original steam folder after you've copied it to the new folder/drive. Then you just leave the original steam game folder name and link it to its new home. You end up with what looks like a shortcut arrow on your game folder and your files "appear" to be in there but they're actually just linked!


    Great for migrating other apps too without re-installing!
    This way your most commonly used stuff goes on the SSD, when you don't need it so much just move it to a new drive and link it!

    A couple limitations and advice!

    Backup your game folder, somewhere else before you try this in case you **** it up!

    Installing a new game still has to have sufficient space in the original steam folder, once installed though, you can copy it across, delete the original content and then link it.

    If your re-installing from a previous backup copy it will still work though!
    You can put your backup copy in its new permanent home then create the link, go to steam and install it. Instead of downloading it will just verify the files in the linked directory!

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