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SteelSeries Introduces the Sensei [RAW] Gaming Mouse

Dec 6, 2011
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Today, kicking off CeBIT 2012, SteelSeries, the leading manufacturer of premium-quality, competitive gaming peripherals, introduced the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW]. With best-in-class hardware like Omron switches, a pro-grade laser sensor and a CPI range from 90-5700, the SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] is designed to deliver the best in gaming performance. Its ambidextrous, all-grip design also features bright-white LED illumination in 3 zones –which can be configured with multiple levels of pulsation. Powered by the SteelSeries Engine software suite, users are equipped with advanced customization options and the ability to create and store an unlimited amount of profiles.

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Mar 6, 2009
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Sensei on the cheap. I dig it.
Jan 13, 2011
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"When we built the SteelSeries Sensei, we knew that at the core of it, if you took out the on-mouse LCD menu and configuration options, it would be a really solid mouse from the sensor to the shape. The Sensei [RAW] delivers those core performance basics of a gaming grade mouse, like shape and its hardware, to those who don't want, need or care to pay for all the extras," said Kim Rom, SteelSeries CMO. "We also built the Sensei [RAW] with a transparent bottom to drive home the awareness that with this mouse, what's inside is what makes it awesome."

lol marketing bull, Yeah just what it needs, a transparent bottom and leds.
Jan 11, 2012
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My Sensei has been working great just like the Xai :D Except the UEFI issue (fixed btw) I have no complains about this.

After the disaster that was the Razer Mamba and Lycosa, it'll take a lot of fail in other companies to make me go back to Razer again.
Jan 10, 2011
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Benchmark Scores Me no know English. What bench mean? Bench like one sit on?
They nixed the ARM processor and the interpolation features ?
Pity. It was an interesting gimmick. guess it did add much to the original pricing though.


OH, I have such a headache
Dec 5, 2004
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Nice mouse. See now this looks good not over designed not looking like a stapler or some thing so strange you can not recognize it. I like it.
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Jul 19, 2006
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Razer hasnt made a good mouse since the Copperhead imo
I agree and I've treid many of them. Actually I do like my Razer Samosa, though I use my XAI.
Nov 28, 2006
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The metal paint on my sensei has rubbed off somewhere near the bottom dont really know how to fix that other than that it's a pretty awesome mouse, wish they made the rubber surface sensei in the first place but at least the mice have some pretty good quality can't tell you how many razer copperheads I burned through(love that mouse so much)