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Story of a x1800xl also NEED AND EXPERT HELP in x1800XL(A GOOD USER) !!!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Sata2raid, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Sata2raid New Member

    Apr 21, 2006
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    Hello i bought sapp. x1800xl 256mb 2 weeks ago and everything looked fine

    My System;

    P4-3.2ghz [ idle : 49-58, on load 62-69 degrees]:eek:
    Asus P5wd2 Premium
    sapp.X1800XL 256mb [idle 45-55, on load 55-69]:rolleyes:
    Kingston DDR2 533mhz dual kit (512Mbx2)
    4 x Samsung SataII (Raid0)
    Samsung 920N (100Hz)
    Aopen H600-B27 350watt PSU :confused:

    At first i couldnt install my graphic card with the software which was in my box.So i installed catalyst 6.3 drivers then it was ok.

    Later i made 3dmark2006 tests with 1280x1024,16xAA+AF,AAx4
    (as AAx6 doesnt work with HDR)
    Tests were good and i was taking 6(min)-20(max)fps for hdr tests (didnt mention any artifacts)
    Later installed Ati Tray tools and made the settings all high (optimizations,16xAF,
    AA adaptive X6AA,Trilinear with full quality, as catalsy a.i Off,Temporal AAx3,exc..)
    Also OC'ed my card to 540/540 settings...
    well tested my system with those. Also played Fable with those settings nearly 5-6 hours...
    Nothing seemed wrong hovewer when card gpu temp reached 70 it was automatically makes VPU cover and take the card speeds to stock speeds while in game , without crashing...So i used auto fan control my self and get it to %100 speeds..
    (Also at that configuration was taking min 11 fps , average 30fps...Graphics are extremely perfect lol.. also didnt mention any artifacts):toast:

    Well 2 days installed FEAR and with my own settings i also made game settings maximized...
    graphics for custom lol (1280x960,16xAA-AF,AAx4(max),evverything is max and on):D
    with that configuration i started game , later like 1 hour i saw small black dots flashing sometimes on the screen not visible or disturbing later i understand card is making ARTIFACTS... Hovewer nothing looked changed by other games or 3dmark tests..but i didnt make an artifact test before(I MEAN own eyes couldnt see those small thingies)..:wtf:

    I just closed the game and started ati tray tools artifact testing. well it was finding 1-2 or 5-10 artifacts at about 1to10 secs, then i installed ati tool and looked for PSU drawing A..
    It can take max 24A and goes about 70 degrees of temp (PSU not GPU).. Then i underclock my lovely card :banghead: . at 400mhz (LOWER then the STOCK speeds):cry: and saw that it was finding 1 artifact on 2 or 3 minutes.. However the memory is STILL 540 (no error on that)..:twitch:

    Well if there is an expert x1800xl user , who can tell me ,this GPU is taking low draw Amper that's why making artifacts ? Also if anyone have the ati tools can u tell me the Amper draw rate?

    ALSO as my machine is by the way too hot however my graphic card looks cool(on load max 65-69 lol maybe starving for energy :wtf: ) for this CASE NO FANS on the case .
    NO extra thingy...(as cpu gets 69 degrees on full loads..well also my head is aching when it reached that degree as fan is blowing out:eek: )
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  2. intelandgigabyte New Member

    Apr 19, 2006
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    you need a new psu i blew my 450whatt power supply and my setup isnt quite as good as yours
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  3. cjoyce1980 New Member

    Apr 8, 2006
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    i was getting crazy temps like that about a year ago (different hardware tho), first thing i did was to go out a buy a good gaming case with lots of air flow and a 450watt PSU. Im guess that your 350watt PSU is putting to much and getting to high temps like your CPU & GPU cos lack of air flow.

    Also if your pc is in a enclosed area this can restrict the amount of air flow too, so move it and remember overclocking not just about what freq you can hit, you need to provide cooling too.
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  4. Steevo


    Nov 4, 2005
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    I pull almost 450watts on full with my 64 system. I wouldn't reccomend anything lower than a 500 or 550PSU.

    And for case temps i love my Antec 1050B, great airflow and it has a modular PSU in it.
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