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strange problem

Jan 2, 2010
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hi there...i have a sonyericsson k770i phone with a sandisk m2 512mb memory card...i have a strange problem with my card...i cannot copy anything in it..when i try to copy it say data error cyclic redundancy check....all the files r present in my card when i delete files they re appear...i try to format the card then it says windows is unable to format the card....when i try to format it with formatting tools it says the card is write protected......i put it back in my phone and try to format from there...it says the card is formatted but data is still there without any deletion....it dows not have any write protection switch...my card reader is all in one card reader and it also doesnt has any write protection switch and i m also not using any card adapter for use in card reader....i tried to format from cmd but it says invalid media or track 0 bad - disk unusable...

anybody knows the solution...thanx in advance