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Subwoofer Assistance

Feb 11, 2008
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Someone in my family has messed around with the equalizer on my computer. By the way, I am using Windows Vista. I know that my subwoofer is not broken also. However, in order for me to get any bass out of my system, I have to crank the bass control all the way to the right on the little remote control system for the entire speaker system. I used to just have to barely turn the bass up just to get any bass out of the system. I know the woofer is not broken, because when I plug the system in my PSP, it works perfectly. So, are there any suggestions on what to do in Vista?

EDIT: I have an excellent logitech 2.1 speaker setup to my laptop. Of course, the sound card is onboard the laptop. Somehow, my father said he adjusted the equalizer somewhere in Vista, so that not a lot of bass would come out because he likes to listen to rock. But, he forgot how he did it!!! Now, the sound is horrible, because hardly any bass is coming out, and I know there should be monster bass, because the woofer driver is about a foot long! So, how would you guys go around to fix this problem?
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Apr 12, 2006
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Realtek onboard, soundcard, how is the audio pushed from the PC?
Sep 22, 2007
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maybe the volume knob round the back of the sub's been turned down (if your sub has one).
Feb 26, 2008
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maybe the volume knob round the back of the sub's been turned down (if your sub has one).
sounds like a possibility...also check for 3rd party software affecting your sound.

Also, if your wires are switched, the subwoofer will put out sound but at a very low volume.
Feb 16, 2007
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check to make sure your speaker setup is correct... 2.1, quadraphonic, 5.1, 6.1,7.1 .... I had HORRIBLE sound out of my speakers when I first installed vista and it was because it was in 2.1 stereo, when I have a 4 speaker with sub system