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Suggestion: PowerState Feature for ATITOOL


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Jul 13, 2006
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I've just finished poking at ATITool for the first time and I'm impressed. In brevity I have one suggestion that you may or may not have heard a thousand times before: Power State support for laptops.

My primary desktop system died a few weeks ago and I've since replaced it with an eBay purchased laptop. While researching the make and model prior to buying it, one of the reviews I came across suggested that the manufacturer had clocked down the on-board Radeon Mobility 9600 to lengthen battery life.

This is not an uncommon practice in the notebook world. Manufacturers have a tendency to put exactly the same components into several makes and models, then let their marketing department determine how to sell them. My new('used') system was pinned with the disgusting label of a "Small Business" machine. ICK! So, despite the natural power of the graphics chipset, they clocked it down to be more palettable to the market they were targetting. (A market which is happier with long battery life than 3d rendering, I suppose.)

As common a practice as this is among laptop manufaturers, I'd love to see a simple power state monitoring system implemented in future ATITool releases. The ability to clock up and down automatically when the system is drawing from either AC or battery would make ATITool perfect for my use and for any laptop user who wants to get the full potential out of their chipset without unnecessarily sucking the battery dry when an AC outlet is not in reach. It will also keep us from bouncing in and out of the taskbar so much; loading different profiles.

Please consider it. On an unrelatedly happy note, I am now running my 9600 at Core: 285Mhz; Memory: 250Mhz. This is up from default C:250 and M:200 and is still quite a step under the maximums ATITool revealed of approximately C:305; M:285. Perhaps I'd push the boundaries a bit more if it weren't so newly purchased. For now, however, I'm quite content with these frequencies.

My long-winded Suggestion / Elated-Clock-Results post is now complete. No doubt it will be flushed deep into the festering bowls of the forum, never to be read again! ;)