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Super Talent Launches USB Drives to Support Windows™ Vista™ ReadyBoost


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May 14, 2004
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Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of memory modules and flash products, today announced a line of USB drives that are designed and tested specifically to support the ReadyBoost feature of Microsoft Windows Vista.

Windows Vista introduces a new concept in adding memory to a system. Windows ReadyBoost lets you use a removable USB flash drive to improve system performance, without the bother of opening your chassis to upgrade system memory. ReadyBoost improves system performance by taking advantage of the extremely fast Access Time offered by flash technology.

Windows ReadyBoost technology is reliable and provides protection of the data stored on your device. You can remove the flash device at any time without any loss of data or adverse effects to the system. Additionally, data on the USB drive is encrypted to help prevent unauthorized access to the data in the event your USB drive should be lost or stolen.

As one of the world’s top manufacturers of USB flash drives, Super Talent has produced over eight million (8,000,000) USB drives in the company’s state-of-the-art San Jose, California factory. These new USB drives are designed and tested to enhance performance of Windows Vista, and are guaranteed by Super Talent to meet the speed requirements to support ReadyBoost.

RBST-1GB 1GB USB ReadyBoost drive

RBST-2GB 2GB USB ReadyBoost drive

According to Super Talent VP of Business Operations, Mr. CH Lee, “This line of ReadyBoost USB drives will give Windows Vista users an easy way to add system memory and boost system performance.” These products are currently offered only in the Super Talent DH-GY style, gray aluminum casing. These products will begin shipping to Super Talent resellers and distributors worldwide in early November. Expected street price on the 1GB model is $29, and the 2GB unit $59.

These and other Super Talent products will be on display at nine Intel Microsoft Ready 2 Rock Road Shows across North America from October through December.
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Jan 15, 2005
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IMO I'd much rather add more ram to get even better performance than have loads of USB drives sticking out all over the place... I can just imagine some people trying to get the most they can out of Vista and having 8 types of USB drive all over the place. :(


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Aug 3, 2006
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I wonder how well they work and if they will work in XP.


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Jul 9, 2006
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it could help get more ram on your aunts computer if you were visiting her and wanted to play some games on her computer. though vista is for noobs, and they will like the idea, jajajaja... j/king it will be a good o/s for companys since they dont care about all the call home and crap.
Feb 8, 2005
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Well, its not for noobs, sense its the only way to get DX10, it will be expensive.
The ReadyBoost drives will not help for gaming...the usb bandwidth is to low for that use...trying to swap large amounts (Say, Over 2gigs) over the usb 2.0 interface it will bog down the whole system more if it is trying to move data from the hard drives or graphics card at the same time.

This may change soon though, I don't know much about the newest chipsets (Post N-Force4) They may be changing the architecture so the usb has more for that purpose.