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SuperSilent Freezer 64 Pro - I need some advice (cleaning etc)

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by TechnicalFreak, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hi

    Ok, so today I will go and get my SuperSilent Freezer 64 Pro. Right now I have a stock cooler on my AMD 64 (3000+). So, after I have disconnected all power from system, grounded myself using ESD protective gear and dismounted the old heatsink what do I do?

    I've read that I can use "rubbing alcohol" to remove the leftovers from the thermal pad. I don't know what this "rubbing alcohol" contains , so here is what I have:
    Something called "T-Röd" (T-Red). It contains Denaturated Etanol and some "color" [it's red].
    However it can catch fire already at +11C.. So perhaps it isn't the best to use?
    Also I have thinner for paint removal, perhaps that is a better option?

    And now a question to them who actually own the SuperSilent Freezer 64 Pro:
    It's said that it comes with thermal paste, but is it already applied or is it in a "tube"?

    Do I need to modify the cooler itself in anyway to fit my socket 754?

    Should I keep the system on for about 1 hour or so before removing old heatsink (maybe makes it easier to remove it)??

    Thankful for any replies and advice given.
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  2. DrGreenThumb

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    You can use a bottle of deodorant to clean your cpu :) just make sure its not that dry type
    just spray abit on a kitchen paper towel

    I recentley put some new thermal grease on my cpu, i used deodorant it works fine

    Also just look at the bottem of the heatsink and if theres a thermal pad theres it been applyed...

    If theres nothing on the bottom of heatsink you need to apply thermal grease or thermal pad
    If its grease, you dont need alot say a lil bit bigger then a grain of rice
  3. trog100

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    its already applied.. a nice neat square of the stuff on the bottom of the cooler base..

    just clean the old stuff off the top of the cpu.. if it dosnt just wipe off.. it should as far as i am concerned.. use something to help get it off..

    buy cooler.. reader instructions.. fit cooler.. it really aint that hard..

    in fact its made as easy as possible.. its review reading obsessives who imply its not..


    ps.. un-clipping the fan before fitting makes life easier..
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