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SW Power Cap GTX1080

Dec 30, 2015
225 (0.14/day)
Manchester, UK
System Name Full LC'd Node 202 || Asus X202e
Processor i7-7700K || i3-2365M
Motherboard Asus Z270I || HM76 int.
Cooling Full Custom Loop|| Stock
Memory Hyper Fury DDR4 32GB || 4GB 1333
Video Card(s) GTX 1080 FE || HD3000
Storage 950 Pro M.2 +WD 2TB M.2 SSD || Sandisk 256 SSD
Display(s) Asus MG278Q
Case Fractal Node 202
Audio Device(s) OnBoard
Power Supply Corsair SF600
Mouse Logitech G502 ||Asus WT710
Keyboard Logitech G410 || Logitech K830
Software Windows 10 Pro
Thanks :) It's very stable at 2150, but I usually run it at 2100 because I prefer stability over performance. The curve is manually edited, it only takes a few minutes to make one. You probably know this but shift and arrow keys are your friends, L to lock card to a selected node, remember to apply afterwards. The XOC bios have some lower nodes on the curve that I suspect aren't stable on my card, I had a couple of glitches playing youtube videos (card clocks to 1500MHz range) and such, so I dropped the entire curve 50MHz for those lower speeds just to be sure. A bit like that super stable CPU overclock that passes anything you throw at it, only to fail miserably and freezing while opening chrome :wtf:

Crazy clocks for 0.875V? Is it stable at 1936MHz? And that downclock seems strange? What does the curve look like? The card is now shunt modded and on XOC bios? Is it only partially shunt modded? as I believe there are 3 current sense resistors (one for each PCI-E power plug and one for the PCIe slot). Personally I would solder the resistor back on if possible, but I guess the amount of current going through it requires a good solder, so it might be hard to do...
I know what you mean about that OC that passes all the stress tests LMAO...fun times.

It's very stable at 1936mhz @ 0.875v..I've always been a fan of undervolting than overclocking, I'm a stickler for temps.

The card is fully and permanently modded now, I knew I'd struggle to solder the surface-mount resistor properly.

The down clock is due to the number of monitors I've got connected now...noobish, I know. :p


Nov 14, 2018
123 (0.22/day)
System Name 24/7 setup
Processor Intel I9 9900k@5.1GHz (Naked, Conductonaut on bare core)
Motherboard Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro
Cooling Custom wc (2xThermochill PA360 rads, 2xDDC-1 pumps in series, Alphacool NexXxoS GPX, EK Supremacy)
Memory 4x8Gb G.Skill PC3600CL15@3900CL15
Video Card(s) Palit Jetstream 1080ti mining farm salvage (2100/1500, xoc BIOS, no powerlimit, 1.200Vgpu)
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB, Samsung 840Pro 256GB, Samsung 860Evo 500GB, Seagate Barracuda 2TB
Display(s) Samsung 27" LED C27JG50 144Hz VA
Case Lian Li PC343B
Audio Device(s) Onboard
Power Supply Corsair RM1000i
Mouse Logitech G Pro
Keyboard Corsair K70
Software Win10, Win7, Server 2016
Wow, that is nice :toast: Almost tempted to search for borked video cards and see if I can fix'em now, seems like a fun project! But then again, my shelf is full of "good" ideas :kookoo: