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Swiftech to unveil new H220 all-in-one CPU cooler during CES 2013


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Apr 12, 2006
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yes same pillow it was resting on and everything;)

The fittings are just a small part of the list.
There is really so much going on here its a little insane they can do it at this cost.
Offsetting the tubes in the rad so screws will never puncture them.
the pump speeds and noise levels never surpass the noise of the fans.
The clamps used allow users to screw till you run out of threads for a perfect fit with no questions or issues....really it goes on and on, but I have to save something for later;)
Apr 4, 2008
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Offsetting the tubes in the rad so screws will never puncture them.
I didn't really get why this was advertised. That's standard practice for AIO coolers. Trust me I've screwed all the way through my old H70.

gabe rouchon

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Oct 25, 2006
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I didn't really get why this was advertised. That's standard practice for AIO coolers.
Not really advertised, just emphasized.. This is because we say elsewhere that the radiator core is the same as the classic MCR220 which has been around for many years. We say this to emphasize the well known performance of the device. But on the other hand, we've also released products in the past that squarely called on novice users, and we had a lot of issues with incorrect installs. In the re-design phase of this radiator, we retained the same performance features, but tried to correct all the legacy details from the past. We have a very vast existing customer base, and we are talking to them as well as talking to new users :)

the wattage of the pump does not directly tell you the power of the pump there is a whole lot more to motors then just there operating voltage and power draw
the people at swifttech have been around the water-block a time or two ;)
if they say it can drive a bigger loop then i believe them
Right.. More than specs in the vacumm, we tried to actually demonstrate the pump capabilities at CES.

Same thermal performance as the copper base of the Apogee Drive II, yes. A comparable pump to the MCP-35X, no. The latter of these two points seemed to be what you were alluding to. I'm sure this is a sweet little pump, sure, but in no way will perform like an 18W 35X. That is what radrok was trying to convey, as well.
It is comparable in the sense that we used the 35X as a model (without copying of course, since there are patents on the product): same form factor (size), similar impeller style (9 curved fins), different motor and bearing. We improved on the noise level by filling it up with epoxy (no it doesn't overheat since it's only running at 3k max, and has a very efficient motor/bearing). In terms of overall output, it's obviously less powerfull than the 35X, but not because we couldn't make it so, but rather because we wanted it so: we sought to reduce operating noise for this kit, and blend the pump noise with the fans noise, and we dropped the pump speed from its original 4500 rpm (4,7mH2O) down to 3k rpm. When we release the pump as a standalone unit, then it will be fully comparable to the 35X..

So if you compare it to the APD2 with integrated 35X, it will certainly not flow as much at max rpm (3k vs 4.5k), but you can absolutely compare their performance at equal 3K rpm.

Now, at CES we demonstrated that you do not really NEED a 35X to run a full custom loop. In fact, most people run their 35X at lower than max... On the other hand, if you do want a product with extreme capabilities, then you get 35X or 35X2, and pay a substantial price premium.

Look, I've seen people here and there recommend the XSPC kit ($145 @ Frozen) against the H220. The pump they use is an aquarium type pump with high flow at zero restriction, but relatively low pressure characteristics (1.8 mH20). In contrast, the pump in the H220 is a high pressure device (3 mH20). The difference? Substantially Higher flow when higher restriction is present (additional devices in the loop)..

This will not be available in many countries and CORSAIR will sell H100 on that place. If this show like good cooler I must find someone to first send him money with Western Union and he to order this.
The installation manual is in 9 languages, and we fully intend to sell in every one of these countries (and more if possible): English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Japanase, and Chinese.

I doubt this can cool i7 OC and two graphic card OC.
why do you doubt? we demonstrated it at CES...

This look to cool to be truth... But again maybe this is revolution... If this is good CORSAIR will make something similar soon. They want to win that is politic.
Nothing revolution.. same components as we have made for years: MCR220 radiator, Apogee Drive II, just less costly pump.. As to Corsair's reaction, I cannot presume as to what they will do.
Aug 2, 2009
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Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. Best wishes in all your endeavors.