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Synology or Techus

Discussion in 'Storage' started by Flash, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Flash

    Jan 27, 2009
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    I have been following quite a bit synology, as I wanted to buy a NAS for quite some time. However, I know very little about techus.

    Right now I am debating between the DS413j or the N5550. I was almost sure I was going to go for the DS413j, but then I found the deal on the N5550 as well. DS413j for 350$, N5550 for 450$.

    I know that the synology has a very good software, DSM. It also has the SHR for RAID, besides the standard types. I also haven't heard a lot about reliability problems with synology, and reliability is extremely important for me.

    I will be using either RAID 5, or if synology, possibly SHR.

    I heard Techus had some problems with RAID corruption. And in my opinion if you lose your data because of NAS problems, then I might not buy that NAS anymore, as it defeats the purpose of safe storage (besides the natural disasters - fire, earthquake, etc, or user error).

    Besides that, I don't know much about Techus software or hardware reliability. It would be great if someone who has experience with both Techus software, and Synology DSM, could give me a comparison how streamlined it is, and the feature richness.

    Now, the reason why Techus appears so much more appealing to me, is because for an extra 100$, I get a 5th bay, and the hardware is so much better (Dual core 1,8Ghz vs Single core 1,6Ghz and 2GB DDR3 RAM vs 512MB DDR3 RAM). But that is why I am asking about the features the techus has, will I have a usage for all that hardware?

    I have also bought a Cyberpower 1000AVRLCD UPS, specifically for the NAS, and this is not in Techus Compatibility UPS list.

    A little about me:
    -I am the only person who will be using the NAS (maybe share a folder or two with some of my friends to exchange files instead of emailing them back and forth)
    -My main usage will be backup and storage. I will just be copying files from Windows to the NAS and back. I might also use it as a torrentbox to seed more often (I always shutdown my PC when not using it).
    -Other than that, I do not know what features NAS'es have that I might be using. Most likely I will also be streaming movie to my PC (rather than copy it back to my PC and then see it). Not sure how streaming works, but I use CCCP on my PC for my movies, not sure if I will have to install anything on the NAS itself?

    Again, my main concern is reliability, because besides capacity, the reason I want a NAS is for implementing RAID 5, and be protected if one HDD fails.

    If something happens to the NAS, or worse, it corrupts my array and data and I lose everything because of this corruption, I might as well not buy a NAS anymore, buy a bookself instead and fill it with hundreds of DVD's or BlueRays (tho I heard those don't last more than a few years either because they decay)

    Any written feedback would be greatly appreciated

    P.S. I have also been thinking of just dumping my savings and just buy the Synology DS1812+ and stop the headache and questioning. But I have a feeling it's a slight waste of money.

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