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System stutter when GPUz open


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Mar 25, 2019
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For quite a while now (6+ months?) when GPUz is open I've been experiencing severe system stutter. I don't know if it is a GPUz problem specifically, but it is causing some sort of problem on my PC to a much greater extent than other monitoring tools.

Every action starts to stutter (e.g scrolling in Firefox, opening start menu, taskview and so on) when GPUz is open and monitoring. If I close GPUz the stutters improve significantly and even if I only enable one sensor it continues to stutter, regardless which one is enabled. Please see this video example:

I am currently on the latest Nvidia driver (419.67) and GPUz (2.18.0) though it happens across a range of different versions. It has persisted over multiple driver and windows reinstalls and I've tried many different 'fixes' over the past few months to no anvil.

I understand it may not specifically be a GPUz problem, rather amplifying another problem with my PC, but I am totally lost as to how to fix it and would welcome any suggestions on how to narrow the problem down.


Ryzen 2700X stock
32GB RAM 3200MHz (tested at 2133MHz)
Asus Crosshair X470
Samsung 970 NVMe/WD Blue HDD
Asus strix 1080ti (stock)
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May 14, 2004
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There is no stutter until you start GPU-Z ?

Do you have sensor update rate set to 1 second? Any difference when setting to a larger value?


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Mar 25, 2019
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Thanks for your reply

There is some mild stutter occasionally though nothing as intense or frequent as when GPUz is open.

I doubt the problem is the tool itself, rather it might be amplifying an existing issue. I'm just unsure what is happening so thought to post to hopefully gather some ideas.

The video was done with the default update rate of 1 second. Increasing to 5 seconds reduces the frequency of the stutter however it is still very intense every few seconds like in the video.

I've checked driver latency with Latencymon which came back ok and previously tested with a different motherboard (MSI X470 M7) with no luck. All overclocks removed, thermals are fine, passes stress tests and tested with a spare PSU, it even happens with a fresh Windows install.