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The best FPS mod - Comedy video

Aug 24, 2007
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I thought I would share this:

Bit of background first -

This is the Project Reality MOD for Battlefield 2
The video is posted by muitocomplicado also known as [R-DEV]dbzao the programming Manager with BlackSand studios (writers of the mod)

enjoy :toast:


For more a more serious look at this mod take a look at some of his other videos - this really is an amazing mod!
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Dec 28, 2007
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Looks like quite a nice mod. :)


The Knife in your Back
Dec 8, 2008
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It's comedy, this isn't a real mod people are going to go out and play, listen to the commentary, it's hilarious. And the fact that they are pretty much useless, when the Americans wipe them all out it's funny. "The Horror!" :laugh: