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The controller is the Revolution

Discussion in 'News' started by grazzhoppa, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Apr 16, 2005
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    It's a bit shocking but refreshing to see Nintendo's new controller design. It is shaped like a TV remote control but gives you control over console games like never before.

    One part you hold in your hand and another part goes on top of your TV to act as motion sensor. The Revolution controller detects motion in 3 dimensions and has a pointer - sort of like the old "light-guns" back in the day of the original NES - that gives you as much or more percision as a computer mouse. Don't worry, it works much better than the old light-guns. The controller gives you the percision of a keyboard and mouse but at the comfort of a console controller. Read more for pics and links.

    IGN put together a great summary on how the controller can be used to play the many genres of video games here.

    And 1up.com has some hands on impressions with various game demos Nintendo let them try out with the new controller, including a reconfigured Metroid Prime 2. 1up said playing the first-person-shooter with the new controller felt "incredibly natural."

    Stylish and colorized

    Traditional analog stick

    Looks like a TV remote

    What those pics don't show is one trigger-type button on the underbelly near the top of the controller. It also features tilt sensors, rumble motors, and a wireless connection. And there's an expansion port on the bottom of the controller that you can hook up accessories to so there will be more to see with what Nintendo can put together.

    And in line with Nintendo's promise to provide access to a back catelogue of "retro" games, you can turn the Revolution's controller on its side and it will act just like an NES controller.

    The console itself has four ports for GameCube controllers too, so you won't have to relearn new buttons to play your GCN games (the Revolution is backwards compatible with GCN games).

    Nintendo has backed up their assertion that they are focusing on gameplay for the upcoming generation of console gaming, but only time and game reviewers will tell if this innovation is worth it. Nintendo is certainly distancing itself from Sony's and Microsoft's consoles which could be genius or a mistake.

    images from IGN
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    Jul 2, 2005
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    This is a huge mistake.
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