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The Dark Shining Star

Jun 4, 2012
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Hello !

I come in to show you my work in progress on a Cooler Master Cosmos 2 ;)

This project is a partnership beetwen Cooler Master/Asus ROG/Sassanou (me).

And thanks to the other brands that have generously give me all the parts I need :)

So, here we go !

Thanks to Asus to provide me this :

Thanks Kingston for this nice gift ;)

Thanks Cooler Master for providing me graciously this case and this psu :)

And here is the work at this point !

I have put the PSU in the hard drive bay and insert a rad 480 in the roof :

I have make a small piece of aluminium for the rad :

A fairing is done for cover the hard drive bay and the SSD placed on it :

And the pump + res are also placed :

And that's all for the moment, hope you will like this ;)