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the dual core revived :D

Jul 31, 2005
923 (0.20/day)
Grantham UK, Lincs
System Name Lazy boh
Processor AMD X6 1090T @ 4ghz
Motherboard ASUS M4A89GTD PRO
Cooling TT FRIO
Memory Kingston HyperX 1600
Video Card(s) HD4870
Storage 60gb Ocz vertex 2 2x2TB 2x1TB 1x500GB
Display(s) 25.5" hanns G
Case Antec 1200 V1
Audio Device(s) onboard :P FTW
Power Supply Corsair TX750W v1
Software W7 64Bit
for those who posted in the thread about my dual core dieing its back and alive i dont know how but tried turning on pc with no cpu and then wacked in the dual core and i let the cd re flash to original bios and then updated it straight away now working fine :cool: less bottleneckage on the x1950 pro :rockout: