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The Exclusive Intel Core i7 875K with Unlocked Multiplier CPU Review

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sxs112.tw, Apr 25, 2010.

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    You might award that Intel will launch unlocked multiplier "Core i7-875K" and "Core i5-655K" soon, same as Pentium E6500K and AMD black box edition, both CPUs are allow the overclockers to overclock the CPU freely with unlocked multiplier.
    Core i7-875K is based on 45nm Lynnfield 2.93GHz frequency with 4 cores and 8 Multi-Thread, 8MB L3 Cache, and 95W Wattage. With the Turbo Boost accelerated, the frequency can reach up to 3.6 GHz frequency.

    Core i5-655K is based on 32nm Clarkdale 3.2GHz frequency with dual cores and 4 Multi-Thread, 4MB L3 Cache, and 73W Wattage. With the Turbo Boost accelerated, the frequency can reach up to 3.46 GHz frequency.

    Core i7-875K, Corei7-860, and Core i5-660 comparison

    Test System
    CPU:Intel Core i7 875K unlock
    VGA:Nvidia GTX480
    HHD:A-DATA S599 100GB
    POWER:SilverStone ST1200
    COOLING:AIR Cooling
    OS: WIN7 X64



    Unlock Test 28x + Turbo 2 Ratio

    Fritz Chess Test

    CINEBENCH R11.5 Test

    wPrime 2.0

    When we activate the Turbo Boost during the testing, the multiple frequency of unlocked Core i7-875K CPU will be increased twice.
    To be short, when we set 28 multiple frequency FSB133 and activate Turbo Boost, the CPU will be operated (28+2) x 133 = 4000, but we are not sure if it is BIOS issues.

    133 x 30 = 4GB

    200x 20 = 4GB

    Although the CPU multiplier is unlocked, if the CPU quality is not good enough, the required voltage will be the same, even is running 4GHz frequency (133 x 30 or 200 x 20).
    Perhaps, it is better to choose a high quality Core i7-860 rather than Core i7-875K.

    But to those overclocking beginner, Core i7-875K is much easier to allow them enjoy the fun of overclocking.

    During the testing, we have used ASUS and GIGABYTE P55 motherboards. It is unfortunately that ASUS motherboard had failed due to their BIOS issues. We are still expecting their latest BIOS that can support the CPU

    Beside Core i7-875K, Intel will launch Core i7-870s with 82W Wattage. Nevertheless, the frequency will be decreased to 2.66GHz (TB/3.60GHz) and the price is around US$562. Intel will also launch Gulftown (Core i7-970) with 3.20GHz (TB/3.46GHz) frequency in Q3.
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    WTF is the price on it? Like 12 billion, gazillion or just my left nut?
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    The price says around $562 on the chip. It's the last line of his post..

    I can't wait to test out a 870 chip.. have that in a few weeks. Nice review on the 875.


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