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The JAMBOX bluetooth speaker (wow lots of bass)

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by DRDNA, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. DRDNA


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    Well I purchased a JAMBOX last week and I must say that this thing is pretty darn nice! It is really unbelievable how much Bass this little unit can produce(Very Nice)!
    Here is a link to the one I purchased https://jawbone.com/speakers/jambox/overview
    One thing I noticed almost immediately is that when the unit is sitting on the table as it was designed it had far less bass than if the unit was sitting on the table at around a 45 degree angle.
    So I had some of that molding clay that you bake in your oven to harden and I used that stuff to make two solid stands that hold the JAMBOX at a 45 degree angle and they work just great! I also need to get a grip pad (like the stuff used to open container lids) for the bottom so that the unit stops its little show off of dancing skills.
    I would really like to test out the Bose Soundlink and the BIG JAMBOX as well but, the Soundlink is running around $269 and the BIG JAMBOX is around $299 So this may not happen.
    I picked up my JAMBOX for $150 shipped.

    Again I can not stress enough on the difference in the amount of bass of the JAMBOX being set on the table at 45 degrees makes in the over all sound of this unit! This because there is a passive rear facing woofer in the unit and when it is facing towards the table it just really gives it that extra bit of muscle that you wouldn’t think a unit this size would have.
    The JAMBOX is a Bluetooth speaker that can be used on anything that has Bluetooth.
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  2. tacosRcool


    May 14, 2012
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    boom boom boom boom?

    Well when I get my new phone, may give this a try

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