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the reality of the color

Feb 6, 2019
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As you can see in ss, the color background on the 3 devices is not exactly identical, in the sense that, on the video projector and laptop, the color tint is BLUE and on TV it is GREEN. As you can see it is the same ss on all 3 devices.

video projector model: Touyinger T26K china
notebook model: acer x555L
TV model: Samsung UE32H5030AW
OS: windows 8.1
My dilemma is one: Which reflect the reality of the color? the video projector + notebook or the great Samsung? Samsung which always say they have the best contrasts and saturations on color. I do not understand
I want to mention from the beginning to understand: all devices are by default on color, I did not change anything :contrast, brightness, etc.
Those who still have windows 8.1, please tell me in the section: Personalize, windows desktop background, on the theme Flowers 6, the color tint on the background is blue or green? I'm really curious
thanks in advance


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There is Always Moar
Apr 9, 2010
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none of those are very good at this this is why we have standards like AdobeRGB/AdobeRGBW, sRGB
any good display will have its color performance documented and tested
if you ever look at a display that has 98% or better AdobeRGB coverage and is properly calibrated you will understand
Oct 28, 2012
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I can already tell you that your laptop isn't color accurate:
Asus X555LN-XO112H Notebook Review - NotebookCheck.net Reviews
Cheap and most midrange windows laptop tend to have horrendous color accuracy even when their screen aren't just downright horrible (some can't even display the full sRGB spectrum)
For TV's... I'm not an expert but a quick search seems to indicate that it's not uncommon for them to have a decent calibration, (Color Accuracy of TVs - RTINGS.com) but since they are not used/marketed for critical visual work it's not something that you can know for sure.

In an ideal world getting at least a 98% SRGB coverage and a factory calibration on every screen should be the minimum decency, but companies gotta save cost and cut corners :sleep: