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The wheel.....reinvented


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Feb 26, 2013
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After years of research – and hundreds of 3D models – the inventor has revealed the Revolve wheel that collapses like an umbrella, allowing riders to have the benefits of a full-sized wheel while saving about 60 percent space when needed.


The wheel could be incorporated into folding bikes and even wheelchairs, according to the inventor, making it much easier to bring personal mobility devices onto trains or in cars, and to store them away when they’re not in use.

Revolve has a 26-inch wheel – so, you wouldn’t sacrifice size where it’s needed.

‘Large wheels are required on all human-powered transportation for performance and efficiency,’ Mocellin said.

In what the creator says is just a simple move, the wheel closes down to just 8-inches.

It can also be propped up so it stands on its own.

The design relies on a hexagon structure, according to the website. It uses an airless tires and an aluminium frame.

Revolve wheels can be locked and unlocked using a magnetic key.






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Oct 13, 2008
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It's interesting but there's a lot of questions that aren't answered like:
1) I assume the contact surface is rubber but does each one have it's own air bag or is it solid? If solid, it's going to ride rougher and have a smaller contact patch than it's air-filled counterpart.
2) What's the maximum centripetal force it can withstand? I assume it's substantially less than it's rigid counterpart.
3) How much force can it withstand between struts?
4) How much risk is there with unintentional folding? It says it locks with a magnetic key but that doesn't say how strong the lock is.

I think it's a novel idea but I don't really see the practicallity of it. Instead of a large flat object, you end up with a tall cylindrical object. Flat object is easier to store (e.g. look at large hospitals with hundreds of collapsed wheel chairs that are lined up side by side). This design isn't going to really save much space when it really comes down to it.

Edit: The foldable vehicle looks better/more practical but I don't think they actually built a prototype yet. I see some design challenges in that as well.
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Nov 18, 2010
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Dec 6, 2005
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Cool invention. The uses are rather niche, though no doubt they'll find more applications where space is a premium. First thought is Japan, where even most public toilets are the size of a 2 gallon bucket
Mar 4, 2005
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This looks like a complete GOFUNDME scam. Shows it sorta collapsing from the wheel chair...doesn't ever show it expanding and locking into wheel form.