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ThrottleStop 9.2.9


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Jun 1, 2008
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ThrottleStop 9.2.9

New Features
- added 10850K / 10900K support including a new Turbo Group access window.
- updated the TS Bench and the C State window for the 10 core CPUs.
- enabled Limit Reasons support for Comet Lake CPUs.
- improved access to the Windows power plans.
- added AVX offset control for unlocked K series CPUs.
- double click the monitoring table for an extended view if you have more than 8 threads.
- added clickable monitoring table headings, including minimum temperature and APIC ID.
- blocked Set Multiplier access when Speed Shift is enabled.
- more obvious FIVR window feedback when CPU voltage control is locked.
- improved consistency of the turbo power limits Lock feature.
- ability to clear the turbo power limits Lock option when accidentally locked.
- changed and fixed the logo selector.
- added an INI option to disable ThrottleStop's access to the turbo power limits. NoSetPL=1
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Mar 30, 2020
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I guess you meant for me to post here. I think I got this figured out. some kinks I'm working on. But you are very right on the sleep cycle. If I put the pc to sleep then wake before opening TS everything works fine. Here are the screenshots of before and after sleep cycle. I'm still working on a good overclock. Trying some fan control software to rip up the cpu fan a little faster than what Dell had in mind.


  • AfterFirstSleepCycleFIVR.JPG
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  • AfterFirstSleepCycleTPL.JPG
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  • AfterFirstSleepWakeCycleMain.JPG
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  • AfterSleepWakeCycleAndThottleStopRestartMain.JPG
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  • BeforeSleepWakeCycleFIVR.JPG
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  • BeforeSleepWakeCycleMain.JPG
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  • BeforeSleepWakeCycleTPL.JPG
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