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Toshiba Increases Capacity of Slim 1.8 inch HDDs to 120 GB


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Feb 26, 2005
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Toshiba launched five new hard drives for portable and consumer electronics applications with capacities of 60 GB, 80 GB and 120 GB. Toshiba isn’t breaking the maximum storage capacity for the 1.8” segment with its new drive overall - which the company currently holds with a 160 GB version – but the updated models introduce more storage for the “slim” 1.8” sub-segment. Instead of the typical 8 mm height of 1.8” drives, all new models are 5 mm “slim” drives. In addition to the already available 80 GB version, which was announced back in September, the company is now offering a 60 GB (one disk) and a 120 GB (two disks) model. Additionally, there is now a “light-weight” 80 GB model, which Toshiba says weighs just 45 grams (and 3 grams less than the other 1-disk 5 mm 1.8” drives in its lineup). All four drives are rated at 4200 rpm and an average seek time of 15 ms. Toshiba also announced two 1.8” drives targeted at the consumer electronics market, 60 GP 4200 rpm version as well as a 60 GB 3600 rpm model.

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Apr 7, 2006
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1.8" hdd are usually found in ultra compact laptops which cost a fortune alone. And most of them these days are equipped with SSD...but i guess if the customer demands size, then this is a nice thing.