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Trying to salvage a 6950

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Aug 22, 2018
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I originally received it 2011 New, and its never seen use due to a severe lack of luck with RMAing. It arrived with an Asus Sabertooth P67 and it mainly just spins with red VGA LED. Its a Sapphire non-ref design card

The computer boots with it in the second PCI-E slot (with the nvidia card as the primary one). And it has jumbled GPU-Z data, mainly 0 mem clock.

I've tried
- restoring the original BIOS, trying other 6950 2GB BIOSes
- trying to boot it independently in the second PCI-E Slot
- different PSUs, different PSU cables, both well beyond requirement
- HDMI, DVI and different cables
- with/without nvidia/AMD drivers installed (showed up as Basic Display Adapter then quickly got auto-installed?)
- cleaning the PCI-E Slot
- cleaning the PCI-E risers lightly with an eraser
- haven't found a 'blown' subcomponent although I have no experience in this

What I haven't tried
- BIOS flashing the ASUS board because of suspected 'banning' (ASUS measure that some managed to cleverly figure out and confirm)


Not open for further replies.