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TSMC Starts Shipping its 7nm+ Node Based on EUV Technology

Aug 19, 2017
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TSMC today announced that its seven-nanometer plus (N7+), the industry's first commercially available Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology, is delivering customer products to market in high volume. The N7+ process with EUV technology is built on TSMC's successful 7 nm node and paves the way for 6 nm and more advanced technologies.

The N7+ volume production is one of the fastest on record. N7+, which began volume production in the second quarter of 2019, is matching yields similar to the original N7 process that has been in volume production for more than one year.

N7+ is also providing improved overall performance. When compared to the N7 process, N7+ provides 15% to 20% more density and improved power consumption, making it an increasingly popular choice for the industry's next-wave products. TSMC has been quickly deploying capacity to meet N7+ demand that is being driven by multiple customers.

EUV technology enables TSMC to keep driving chip scaling as the shorter wavelength of EUV light is better able to print the nanometer-scale features of advanced technology designs. TSMC's EUV tools have reached production maturity, with tool availability reaching target goals for high-volume production, and output power of greater than 250 watts for day-to-day operations.

"With AI and 5G unlocking so many new ways for ICs to improve our lives, our customers are full of innovative leading-edge design ideas, and they are relying on TSMC's technology and manufacturing to make them real," said Dr. Kevin Zhang, TSMC Vice President of Business Development. "Our success in EUV is another great example of how TSMC not only makes those leading-edge designs possible, but also delivers in high volume with our manufacturing excellence."

Building on its successful experience, N7+ sets a path for future advanced process technologies. TSMC will bring N6 technology into risk production in the first quarter of 2020 for volume production by the end of the year. With further application of EUV, N6 will offer 18% higher logic density over N7, and design rules fully compatible with N7 enable customers to greatly shorten time-to-market.

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Aug 22, 2016
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SMC's EUV tools have reached production maturity, with tool availability reaching target goals for high-volume production, and output power of greater than 250 watts for day-to-day operations.
This process is denser and more power efficient than Intels 10nm and Intel is stuck at 25w best case CPUs


Aug 18, 2015
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Intel 7nm is 100% better than TSMC 7N+ and 6N. Volume production in 2021.
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Feb 23, 2008
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Intel 7nm is 100% better than TSMC 7N+ and 6N. Volume production in 2021.
Yeah, hopefully that's a bit closer to the promissed schedule than their 10nm...
Jan 25, 2011
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Intel 7nm is 100% better than TSMC 7N+ and 6N. Volume production in 2021.
Any sources with Lg, MMP, CPP and standard SRAM cell size comparisons?
Apr 3, 2012
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Aug 18, 2015
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Moore's law or 100% more density every now an then or 700 days. 7N+ is for arm or low power? I guess we won't see any PS5 or ZEN3 on 7N+.
Oct 27, 2009
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Don't feed the trolls, clearly hit his head on the rock he was under.
Intel plans on doing 7nm on gpus in 2021, they also show 10nm++ at the same time most likely for cpus, their current 10nm+ is kinda.... shite things that were 25w mobile chips are 900mhz slower at 28w..... their 15w ultra mobile chips are cTDP at 19w with 46w turbo...

Another iteration is definitely needed but servers can handle low clocks at high TDPs better than desktop so they will get 10nm before desktops...Intel desktops cap at 10 cores through 2020.
Their roadmap is kind of a clusterfuck due to all the schedule slides...

Meanwhile TSMC is shipping 7nm+ now

And Zen3 and RDNA2/Navi Big will use it. Nvidia will be using Samsung 7nm+ for their chips next year.


Nov 14, 2012
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I'm glad that Nvidia will use Samsung 7nm+ / EUV for Ampere.

Grabbing RTX 3080 on release.
Nov 4, 2005
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Intel 7nm is 100% better than TSMC 7N+ and 6N. Volume production in 2021.

Where is their 7nm product that I can buy today? They have been stuck onn14 and 10nm production for a few years now and don't have reliable production of any 7nm to show.


Aug 18, 2015
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in 2021 7nm by intel is 38% better density than 5N by TSMC, the density of 3N will enable 2023 ARM low power products, GPUs maybe a year later.