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Tuned Subtiming suggestions please.


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Aug 5, 2018
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So I was going over an article showing how a pair of single rank memory chips can outdo duel rank chips at the same frequency in performance with tuned subtimings. DR usually wins against SR, however tuned subtimings in this article show they can outdo DR.


I have not found an Intel CPU version of this, however I want to say the same may go for intel, yes? Awhile back I asked about memory performance, and went with hyperx 2666mhz since they are rather stable and my 7700hq cant support past that, though I have heard some reports about people getting 2800mhz to work.

The chips are duel rank that I guess should easily have better performance with flashed subtimings that are tuned to an SPD profile, but has anyone done this with success in sodimms that have no xmp? Chips are HyperX Impact DDR4 Sodimms at 2666mhz. I havent purchased thaiphoon burner yet, but according to what comes up in the demo writes to SMBus 50h to 57h are disabled in bios. So what does that mean? I dont have xmp for my bios, so thaiphoon burner here we go, and I would like help here to not ruin my K4A8G085WB-BCPB chips.