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Tversity Not Streaming MKV To 360

Discussion in 'General Software' started by DaveK, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. DaveK


    Oct 7, 2008
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    A little while back I tried streaming an MKV file to my 360 with Tversity and it had no sound. I looked up a few guides on the net and all pretty much said the same thing so I followed a guide and now nothing works, the 360 will just show a black screen and freeze, it's not buffering or anything.

    You guys know a lot about streaming stuff so I've decided to post here as everyone else's guides are what borked it in the first place. I can't remember what my settings were before it went balls up, but I didn't do anything to set it up for streaming MKV just normal AVI/MP4. One MKV file that is AVC/AAC will just show a black screen with the controls being available and another AVC/AC-3 will just show the error popup.

    This is what I did following the guide:
    -Installed K-Lite MEGA Codec Pack
    -Changed WMA 7 and WMA 8/9 in ffsshow audio decoder to libavcodec
    -Changed Mixer option in ffdshow to 2/0/0 - Stereo
    -Changed Windows Media Encoder in Tversity to WMV 9.

    Here's the screenshots:


  2. fullinfusion

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    Best of luck with your problem.

    I just pop the file onto a usb3 stick but my 360 dosn't even show an MKV file. My BR player has a usb slot and thats the only way I can watch what ever the 360 wont play.

    Im sure help is near as its getting later in the day and all the pro's come home from work ;)

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