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Ubisoft drops Always-On-DRM, does not formally admit mistake, but kinda does.

Discussion in 'Games' started by Phusius, Sep 5, 2012.

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    Oh we can only dream...Rogue Spear was the "spark" for PC gaming for me(I'll admit to getting into gaming pretty late) Ghost Recon was the first game I ever played online(first time I had a PC capable of doing anything like it too)Since that game I have been a hardcore PC gamer. Raven Shield was "the end" and we have been "chasing that dragon" ever since...:shadedshu

    Their treatment of Tom Clancy series is appalling. Totally butchered beyond all recognition. But here I am still the sucker and still have em all(GRAW 1 and 2, Vegas 1 and 2)hoping they will "bring it back" Not even TOUCHING the new one...3rd Person c'mon now...:wtf:

    But THAT is the reason I loathe Ubi. Their crap DRM and cries of "piracy" don't make up for the fact they just destroy all the good franchises they touch(D007 mentioned the SH series another "trashed" franchise):banghead:
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