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[FS] [UK] A Few Games; Mass Effect, Test Drive Unlimited, . . .

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade/Giveaway Forum' started by kyle2020, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. kyle2020 Guest

    Hey, just thought that i should get rid of a few of my games to add to my driving funds for next year. Heres the list:

    * Mass Effect - Absolutely MINT condition, i think i have played this for approx 1 hour after a raving review from a friend and recommendations on here, however i havent really got into it. Like i said, this game is practically brand new minus the plastic wrapping. Cost me £26.99 off play only a few weeks ago, and due to its condition, im selling it for £15, price not really negotiable.

    * Test Drive Unlimited - A game i have seen alot of youtube footage of, thought looked awesome, but again, havent really got into it. Again, game is like new, played for around 3 hours. Cost me just over £15 new, accepting £7 for it. **MIGHT I ALSO ADD! i purchased a game pad for the game, and used it once. Its a game home brand pad, really comfortable in the hand and very responsive - looks very much like a PS2 controller. Cost me £12.99 new. If you wanted to buy the pad and TDU, Id let you have both for £15.

    *OBLIVION - The Elder Scrolls - Now this game is on the PS3, i repeat ON THE PS3, so dont buy it if you dont own a PS3 thinking its a PC game! its not. Anyway, the game is like new, yet again - cost me £55 new (got it release day). i have played it for about an hour, and realised that im not into that style of game. Not saying its a bad game, its an epic game, got awarded "PS3 essential purchase" or some shit last year. Anyway, i only want £10 for that, purely because its quite old now / its on the PS3.

    You might be asking yourself why my prices are a bit high for second hand - i shit you not when i say they are practically brand new, you will be very satisfied if you buy it/them.

    Can i ask that if you do wish to buy anything, you contact me straight away so we can sort out shipping etc - i would orefer to be paid via a bank transfer or cheque, however if it comes down to it i would be willing to accept paypal AS A LAST RESORT.

    Thanks! :toast:
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  2. MilkyWay

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    bump for oblivion even tho its on PS3 if you are bored and you need something a £10 isnt much for a decent gmae plus the PS3 version is kinda faster than the 360 since it was ported later on
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  3. kyle2020 Guest

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  4. kyle2020 Guest

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  5. kyle2020 Guest

    Bump! all funds going to my driving fund for next year!
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  6. kyle2020 Guest

    Price drop on mass effect!
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  7. kyle2020 Guest

    bump! i have found the car im buying! nice woman across the roads willing to sell it me! please help! haha.
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  8. kyle2020 Guest

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