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Ultra Aluminus Case


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Jul 8, 2005
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The Ultra Aluminus case may look like your standard Chieftec case, but do not be fooled by first impressions. It is much different under the hood (or side panel for that matter) and has a lot to offer. The perfect paint job just rounds up the entire case which can hold up to 12 drives, has a removable motherboard tray and space for two 12 cm fans. If you are looking for something unique, check out this case.

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Jan 29, 2006
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...The door is spay painted? :p.


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Mar 11, 2006
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If the case had more aluminium (front door, etc) it will also be more expensive, but looks like a great case
Feb 4, 2006
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I had one of the ultra cases that looked pretty much like this one, but wasn't lightwight. Loved it. Then was a Micro Center couples days ago and they selling it for $39.95 after rebate. So I bought it. It is deffinetly a nice cause, but feels kind of flimse. If you like strong design, this is not it.


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Aug 1, 2007
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im about to make up a computer for myself, it will be the first one i make, i have a doubt. and this is the case i am going to buy...

so the doubt i have is if the front I/O panel has the cables to connect the USB and other stuff to the motherboard?

if not how do i install the panel? where do i get those cables?
Nov 16, 2006
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they come already wired into the case
Apr 5, 2005
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im about to make up a computer for myself, it will be the first one i make, i have a doubt. and this is the case i am going to buy...

so the doubt i have is if the front I/O panel has the cables to connect the USB and other stuff to the motherboard?

if not how do i install the panel? where do i get those cables?
Yes it does. Connect the cables to the mobo header. It has USB, Firewire and audio outlets.

I have the black one which looks gorgeous. It gets dirty and gets finger prints. But it is easy to clean and after cleaning it is shiny black. Yes it is bit flimsy, but once you load all the things it gets heavy. The front door rattles a bit, had to put a tissue paper on clamp for it to close properly.

I have blue led fans and red led cathode lights inside. It really shows off my black platinum MSI mother board.

Good air flow even now in summer. My overclocked X2 3800 never goes beyond 50C while gaming BF2 for hours.

I like the case. :rockout:

Little difficult with cabling and hiding.

Have fun.



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Jan 6, 2008
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Ultra Tower Case

I like this case. Aluminum, light weight, etc. HOWEVER!
The door design is weak especially with the USB, firewire, and audio jacks. You can't close the door with them in use. They should have been moved elsewhere. :confused:
The hard drive rails are cheap!!!! and don't work. :mad: They don't hold the drives in the case very well. The drives tend to drop on one side. My case did not bring enough black plastic rails for CDrom, floppy, etc, I was able to install only one 51/4 device and the front USB and audio panel. There is a plastic rail for a 31/4 device available.
I want to add an additional burner and a multi flash card reader and don't have anyway of doing so without the rails. I got two sets only!!