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Undervolting specific 1165G7?


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Dec 5, 2021
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So there's this guide to re-enable undervolting on certain 10750H CPUs (specifically this Spectre 15). Now, I checked out the Spectre 15 1165G7 BIOS files and it has the same IDs/values for unlocking the Overclock lock so in theory you should be able to undervolt just fine there too. However, on my Spectre 14 with 1165G7, the value for the Overclock lock is 0xDF (which is changed from 0xDA which was the Spectre 15), but the actual weird part is that it has it by default already unlocked (you can see it says "Disabled ... 0x0 (default)" here right below the highlight) but I still can't undervolt due to Throttlestop showing the FIVR menu like this. I tried what someone else recommended to turn off the CFG lock (which was actually enabled) and to also turn off Virtualization technology to get undervolting working but alas, that locked FIVR still shows up as "Not Available". What type of lock is this to show up like this? Why doesn't undervolting work if the Overclock lock is already disabled by default? I tried downgrading or uprgading to all Spectre 14 BIOS' and none changed anything. Also checked and the value the the OC lock remained 0xDF and also defaulting to unlocked. Any advice is appreciated
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