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Update about MW4 Mercenaries Free Release

Feb 21, 2008
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MekTek has released a update about thier upcoming FREE version of Mechwarrior4 Mercenaries

Mechwarrior FREE Release Update and MTX Announced

Its been awhile since we last updated you on the status of the FREE release of Mechwarrior4 so we felt the need to assure everyone that the time is nearing. We had hoped to release the FREE title the last weekend of summer but that unfortunately did not happen due to paperwork. As previously mentioned, I indicated that there are still a number issues to resolve before the FREE release. Those issues are resolving thanks to the hard work of many at MekTek. From a development stand point the FREE release is near ready to go but we are still waiting to resolve some of the legalities associated with such a wide distribution. While we have not provided a set date for the release, we are still on target, and our partners are happy with the progress MekTek has been making. Our focus on the FREE release has been revamping our match making service MekMatch in order to accommodate many more users. In addition to the work being conducted on the Mechwarrior4 FREE release, we are also working on a community software distribution and patching application which we have been alluding to on our forums. This software is known as MekTek X (or simply MTX). X stands for the last decade of service to the Mechwarrior community. MTX was developed out the need for a centralized distribution and patching point for all of MekTek's software currently being developed and planned to be released including MekPak4 for the FREE release, Single Player Campaigns from Mechwarrior4: Vengeance and Black Knight, Assault Tech1: BattleTech, and much more. This software has been in development by Studio MekTek since the announcement of the FREE release and successfully reached beta testing status two weeks ago. MTX is a free desktop product which has been thoroughly tested and will connect you with MekTek.net's community as well BattleTech.com and the rest of our partners.

MTX will be the central point of distribution for the launch of the FREE release. This application boasts some of the following features:

Bootstrap Installations

Incremental Delta Auto-Patching

Torrent or HTTP Downloading from an exclusive MekTek Tracker

Custom Web Browser

News Updates from MekTek and Partners

Online Help

Community Chat Lobbies

Network Diagnostic Tools
You can read more about this release at www.mektek.net