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Update Realtemp

Oct 31, 2012
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There is a little bug when using 3.7 which is very annoying. I realise it is a Windows thing rather than your code, but I wish you could find a solution. In fact I have a suggestion that would fix it (see below).

The bug: I like to have two RealTemp numbers in my Windows 10 system tray, one shows the largest of the core CPU temps, the other is the GPU temp. The bug is that one of them keeps vanishing, and I have to go to All settings/Personalisation/Taskbar/Select which icons appear in the taskbar/ and turn the missing one back on again.

My solution would be to have a version of Realtemp which split in two, with two slightly different names. One for CPU, the other for GPU. That would solve it, as Windows would be happy to have two icons.

Thanks for your work on RealTemp. I'm sure there are many people who look forward to a new version. I recently looked at all the other programs I could find that do this and RealTemp is the best.
(I would be happy to test any new or beta version)
Oct 17, 2012
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I want to know if @Harespok1974 ever found the .exe files??? When will we know how the saga turned out?
Feb 24, 2015
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I would be more than happy to Beta test for what its worth. Hell, I'll even toss a few bucks towards a paypall for your efforts.
It is not finished yet.


Mar 17, 2005
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As i understand it
there is a new Beta ( Testing is by Personal Invite only )
and as i think it was explained earlier in thread
Further development By the Software writer is hampered by the lack of more modern Hardware (He will Gratefully Accept donations /Loans of newer modern CPU's and motherboards to assist in further Development).